Mirror shows our image when we stand before it. Is the mirror created our image or we entered into the mirror? Just mirror reflects our image. Reflection is the property of all atoms in the universe and we are not the exception.

When we study a book or concept, we understand it and we say I have learned it. But it is actually present in our mind already, after the reading we started reflecting those.

Here the concentration plays an important role, the more you concentrate the faster you start reflecting. Concentration is the measure of your learning period. For example if you are working in a product for a long time you became an expert i.e. you concentration at a low level for a long time which made you an expert. If you concentrate at high level for short time then also you can become an expert. The fact is everything is within us. If you expose to good things/thoughts, you reflects the good else for bad things/thoughts you reflects the bad.A plant has evolved from a seed; it means the information is already encoded within the seed. It is a cycle of involution and evolution. We involve our self and evolve. This cycle keeps on repeating. So the Knowledge is inherit within us and it got reflected under various circumstances. And education is manifestation of the perfection and the knowledge within us. B1

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