The Moon

Moon played a major role in the origin of life on Earth. Four billion years ago, when life began, moon orbited much closer to us than it does now, causing massive tides to ebb and flow every few hours. These tides caused dramatic fluctuations in salinity around coastlines that could have driven evolution of early DNA-like biomolecules.L3

The hypothesis is that without the moon, there would have been no life on Earth. So people call the Moon as the ‘Father’ of all living beings, but I would like to rather call it as ‘Mother’ of all. The reason behind is when we see the Moon we can see a picture of Mother feeding his child. I don’t know how many of you have noticed this.

Moon decides one’s success and failures of each human being. It helps in our progress of life. When life is thought to have arisen, a billion years later, the moon was still much closer to us than it is now. Still Moon is revolving around the earth and guarding each of us.


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