How to protect a PowerPoint Presentation?

This is one of the way to protect your presentation files.
Let say you have created a presentation and you need to distribute it to others with password protected.

Follow the listed steps to achieve the above:
1. Open the PowerPoint and say File > New.
2. In PowerPoint, select Insert > Object.
3. In ‘Insert Object’ dialog, select the option ‘Create from file’.
4. Browse for your presentation file and click the ‘OK’ button.
5. Select the embedded object and Right click > Custom Animation
6. In Custom Animation, select Add Effect > Object Actions > Show.
7. Now save your current file as .pps format.
8. Protect the current document with password.

Distribute this .pps file to others.


18 thoughts on “How to protect a PowerPoint Presentation?

  1. Thank you! It works very well event with MS Office 2007!!!
    I do not need to buy any add-in.
    You help people to save money and time.
    God bless you!

  2. to protect powerpoint slide………..
    select tool menu from menu bar.
    go to …option>security>
    set password>confirm password>click on ok button

  3. Dear Sir,

    As per ur solution for protecting a power point presentation is not clear to me thogh i have follwed up the steps.

    Plz provide me the solution ..


  4. YOU’VE MADE MY DAY (*^_^*)
    I really would LOVE to give you a big fat THANKS for your help….. really it is useful …. thank you.. thank you!

  5. I thnk we don’t need to save d file as .ppsx or .pps, just save to .pptx or .ppt, then klik tool- general option , then u kno what to do,

  6. If you need to prevent PPT presentation from copying and corruption I recommend to convert it into Flash format. Flash (SWF) movies are hard to be edited while they retain animations, effects and links of your original content. You can try a freeware PowerPoint add-in iSpring,

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