5 Points of Yoga

Last week I have completed my first level Yoga courseL1. It’s really good and I had a better relaxation and my concentration improved still. I need to improve my forearm muscles further strong to perform the asans better.

Below are basic five points they insisted for good healthy and peace of mind:
1. Proper Exercise
2. Proper Breathing
3. Proper Relaxation
4. Proper Diet
5. Positive Thinking and Meditation

Perform proper exercise such that your body becomes flexible. Breathe properly; while breathing exhale properly which is most important. Proper exhaling makes your inhale action proper. Relax properly. Relax your entire body. By keeping your bio-magnetism tightly, you very well relax properly. Take proper diet, better to avoid non-veg stuff. Important thing is chewing. Chew your food properly and mash the food with saliva properly. The most important thing is positive thinking. Take the things in positive way. Meditation protects us from the negative thoughts.


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