My Mathz Musings

Well, I had my origin in this universe at [11.56N, 79.53E] (latitude & longitude) with timestamp id ‘220519821145’ and currently I have shifted to this [13.05N, 80.18E] coordinates in the earth. My variable is being called as PR@HAB and it is a continuous random variable. God has designed my characteristic function as T(n) = T(n/2) + T (n/2) + c [where n > 0 and c is constant]. Though I would like to have an exponential growth, my characteristic function doesn’t allow me. Never bother still I have a growth rate of O(n).

My education and the society keep differentiating me. But, I always keep my limits in an open interval of (-, ). With each differentiation the constants within me is being pulled out, but often I divide myself with zero and result in an undefined state. When asked about who am ‘i’? I found ‘i’ is a complex number and it nothing but -1. It’s wired.

Nevertheless, God used my variable to solve his some of its linear and simultaneous equations. I’m happy, as I satisfied the equations properly with 0 or 1. Now days, I have been applied to some complex equations. Good thing that I had the chance to interact with other variables too. Also I have been assigned to trigonometric and logarithmic functions, resulting in a float value. So I have started understanding the exponent and mantissa part of the numbers.One more thing, the value of ‘n’ is being increased in my characteristic function. Need to look in to that. But still my functional mapping is surjective (onto) only. Attempting to be a bijective function.Eagerly waiting to solve more simultaneous equations and exploring the constants within me…


∫{ραγτhαβ}δθ = Prathab


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