Express Yourself

“Express Yourself”, the caption of Airtel and I had seen the latest Airtel ad, which inspired me very much.
Did you ever think about Expressing Yourself? Though we always try to express ourselves and of course we like it very much in expressing ourselves. The most easiest and comfortable way of expressing ourself is talking. We chat with our friends, colleagues and so on and I think that’s why Airtel holds the caption ‘Express Yourself’. The interesting thing in the ad is, they didn’t convey that talking is the best way of expression because nobody talks in that ad. Apart from talking, we express more ourselves with smile when we are happy, with tears when we are sad and so on. Of course you express more with your parents or ladylove/lover. The thing is, expressing ourselves makes us more happy and we adopt talking/chatting as main channel of our expression, not a powerful one. Expressing yourself is a powerful way of improving yourself, but you need to express in different ways. Always try to find the medium/technology that would allow you to express your thoughts rather that force you to think about their expression.

Explore yourself more to Express yourself more.


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