GOD – Acronym

Here is an interesting acronym of GOD.

Generetes, Operates and Deletes.

God generates you and operates you and finally deletes you.


2 thoughts on “GOD – Acronym

  1. Acronym of GOD is as follows:
    G stands for generators
    O stands for Operators
    D stands for Destroyers

    According to Hindu Dharma Generator/creator is Brahma. Operator/maintainer is Vishnu and Destroyer is Shiva. Any material creation goes through three phases of existence: creation or beginning , maintainance or duration and destruction or end of existence.

    For example, a baby begins a elementary school, stays in school for few years and then graduates. A journey by train, bus or any carreir has a begining, duration and end. Any living enties start its life journey after it is conceieved, then it grows and live for some time and then die. As scientists demonstrate the fact that any quatum particle comes to existence for some time, it lasts for certain time and then it disappear.

    So any material creation has indeed three phases of existence and they are governed by the three aspects of God: Brahama the creator/Generato, Vishnu the maintainder/Operator, and Shiva the Destroyer.

    Anyone, who are familiar with Hindu symbol OM would know what I really meant. The sound vibration OM in Sanskrit is brooken down in three separate syllalalbes: A U M. A stands for sristi or creation/generation, U stands for maintainance or Operation and M stands for Dstruction.

    The whole Santana Dharma is based on this basic premise. However, the concept of creation, maintainance and destruction I have presented here is very naive. In order to dig very deep into these concept somebody has to inquire very deep.

    However in essence, we are spirit. Which means that we are beyong generation or creation, beyone maintainene and beyond destuction. Thus the word GOD does not carry the full meaning of the Hindu sound vibration OM. This is the basic fundamental difference between a Hind and non Hindu. According to Hindu Dharma, I am as old as the sun, starrs or anything else. I am timeless, an eteranl being who is always existing, full of knowledge and full of bliss. Understanding of this would require more knowledge of mediation and varoius YOGIC principle.

    Anyway, hope I have been able to clear at least some meanig of the word GOD.

    Thank you very much.

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