Id, Ego, and Super-ego

We have to make different decisions/choices in our life and it depends on the state of our mind. Usually we follow three principles in making the decisions or rather we can also say that our mind will act in any of the states such as Id, Ego, and Super Ego.

Sigmund Freud ,the father of psychoanalysis, discussed the structural model of the mind and introduced the concept about the states of mind.

Id – the pleasure principle, which says, we seek for pleasure without analyzing any other things. Pleasure-seeking behaviors are driven by a subconscious entity. Mostly we follow this principle when we are kid. A kid always looks for his/her pleasure(need) and the kid doesn’t know any other thing. When the kid grows, then he/she realizes that in reality there is a pain associated to the pleasure.

Ego – the reality principle, which most of the people are following. The reality principle says, we seek pleasure knowing that it will cause pain in future. For example people smoke/drink or any other habit, knowing that it cause damage to their health. But still at that point of time it satisfies them and also helps their mind to be stable to do the activities. Some trade-offs allow us to experience extraordinary joy or success. Also people undergo the pain, hoping that they will get pleasure in future. For example people work hard to earn more money.

Super Ego – the ethical principle. Now the person is enough mature that he/she knows about the reality principle and takes the decision within certain pleasure limits. There is sense of morality.

In the transactional communication, it is modeled as child state (Id), Adult state (Ego) and Parent state (Super ego). Our transactions in communication among the people will happen in anyone of these states.


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