Your Sticks

You might have heard about “Execute on your strengths and manage your weakness”. Everybody hold this strength and weakness as a stick within us. Every strength has its corresponding weakness. Both strength and weakness are like yin and yang. Everybody has lot of sticks within us. This stick has two properties, first the stick is divided equally with the strength and its equivalent weakness. And the second, when the strength end grows, the weakness end also grows and vice versa.


Suppose you feel that something as your strength then you might be balancing it with its corresponding weakness. I can’t give any specific example to justify this statement, but just think about it.

Managing your weakness is like walking on the rope which connects two hills and you are looking down while medium_Sticks_01.JPGwalking. If you look down your weakness, you will fall. So don’t worry about your weakness. See the other end of the stick, which is your corresponding strength. Keeping developing the strength, the stick will grow on the ‘strength’ side and which in turn makes the weakness side also to grow. At one point of time the stick grows very long and you will be seeing the strength side only, the weakness end disappears. To develop the strength involves the execution of your strength which makes the stick strong. Develop conveys the notion that even strengths require proper thought and action.

If you try to manage or overcome the weakness, the stick starts reducing the length at the weakness side and there by the strength side also reduces. Once try to vanish your weakness, its corresponding strength also vanishes.

Keeping developing your strengths such that your weakness disappears…

“Once you find your center,You are sure to win”


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