Magic Beans

Sometimes unexpected surprise happens in your life or sometimes your efforts are go in vain. Sometimes you feel life is interesting and sometimes boring. So what makes these things? But I believe this all due to Magic Beans. Magic beans are not visible, it is created when your efforts go in vain or your efforts are not answered immediately. The magic beans are powerful; it will burst at any point of time in your life. Sometimes people call it as Luck but I don’t believe it. It’s the magic bean burst for him/her.

The person’s life becomes more interesting if he/she has more magic beans because it creates the magic for you in your life. No need to worry when you get failed on your efforts, because magic bean in turn will be created for you by nature, to keep its balance. The power of magic bean depends upon your effort size and the concentration you have put upon it. For every effort the magic bean will be created for you, but its power varies. The magic beans keep bursting and makes your life more interesting. I always feel happy if get failed on something and I’ll waiting for the created magic bean to burst for me. Also don’t get annoyed on people who get success without any efforts, because it’s their magic bean might have been burst for them.

Try to have more magic beans with you.


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