Endorphin Effects

Do you feel more excited in doing a challenging task? You attack on the cake during your friend’s birthday party? Do await eagerly for your favorite actor’s movie? So there are many things, you get excited and comforted by do those. What makes you to do so or looping around in doing the same things? The answer lies in the Endorphin reactions happens within you.

What are endorphins? Endorphins are neurohormone produced in the hypothalamus portion of the brain which is responsible to pain and pleasure. Endorphin is a feel good chemical. Endorphins are body’s natural pain killers. So when you undergo pain or stress, the signals are directed to the hypothalamus. Now pain can be suppressed in two ways, one by creating sleep-like effect. Basically you feel tired and the brain shutdown most of the functionality for your safety. If you have negative attitude approach, mostly this will likely to happen. The second thing can happen is, releasing endorphin chemicals which bind to nerve cells, prevents sending the pain messages to the brain. Also helps in recovering of the pain. If you have positive approach this will likely to happen. Basically endorphins are released when you sense the pleasure and pain.

The side effects of endorphin release is addictiveness. Endorphins are considered to be stronger than the illegal drugs like morphine, heroin and opium. Endorphins are physically addictive, once experienced, a person will likely be compelled to do the same activity again even if it is tougher. For example, participating in challenging games and enjoying the success. Endorphins create sensations of enlightenment.

Best way to get the endorphins released is to laugh.


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