DNA of Love

“Love was born first, the Gods cannot reach it, or the spirits, or men …
For as heaven and earth extend, far as the waters go,
high as the fire burns, you are greater, love!
The wind cannot reach you, nor the fire, nor the sun, nor the moon;
you are greater than all, love!”
– Atharva veda

Love is one of the wonderful thing in the universe, which multiplies when you share it. Dictionary defines ‘love’ as, “A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness”. But in reality the definition varies from different perspectives. People fall in love; what is the phenomenon they undergo?. BBC report says that there three phases to falling in love. First, its the lust, driven by hormones. Second, the attraction, driven by genes and the third, the attachment, driven by social factors.

It’s the instinct developed by the brain to hunt for good genes. we start looking for the things, what we lack. Beauty, Intelligence and Strength are the major slots in this game. Beauty is the kick start of the process. We are instinctively drawn to body shapes. Men like women with hour glass structure of body and women like men with inverted triangle body shape. Though eyes plays the initial role, its the nose which plays an important role in finding the right partner. Studies shows that men are then invited to choose the one they think smells best. Almost invariably the men prefer the smell of women who have an immune system very different to their own. This makes good evolutionary sense – children born to parents with different immune systems have the best chance of fighting off illness themselves. That’s why, I think, people say love is blind.

There is also evolutionary instinct involved in proposing the love. Usually women are not likely to propose first, the reason being she has to make big investment in the reproduction and also in a given period of time (a year), normally she can be mother of a kid but the for men that’s not the case. So her brain process complex thoughts before making the decision.L4

Professor Robin Dunbar of Liverpool University found that men and women attached very different levels of importance to the five categories:

Men’s preferences
Women’s preferences
1. Attractiveness
2. Commitment
3. Social Skills
4. Resources
5. Sexiness
1. Commitment
2. Social Skills
3. Resources
4. Attractiveness
5. Sexiness
So where does love exists?, in the brain or in the heart. Heart represents the symbol of love, is Heart pumps the love along with blood?. But the answer lies in the Heart Chakra (found near center of chest), the center of compassion, from which feelings of love emanate. This is the love center of our human energy system through which we connect with others whom we love or have affection towards. We experience love at various level and the picture below describes better.

Love is not about the relationship, it is the ‘state’, which maintains the relationship. To love better, you need to love yourself first, there by being in the state of love. Everything can be conquered with love.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.” -Helen Keller


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