Keep Moving

“Slow and steady wins the race”, is the moral of ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’ story. This story emphasis on slow (patience) and steady (consistence), in any task will pay you more. But the story can be viewed in different perspectives and everyone has their own. Below is another perspective of this story (the way I look at this story).
In this story, the hero is the tortoise. Tortoise knows his capability, but still challenges the hare. So the tortoise is confident on its task. The reason for the tortoise’s confidence is that tortoise dreams about its actions. Few studies show that tortoise can use its mental power to accomplish some the tasks. For example, tortoise hides the eggs under the sand after laying it and hatches by its thoughts (technically speaking by sending magnetic waves to the eggs). Thus tortoise is determinant and well planned in its task and also believes in its action. Another important feature of tortoise is, it kept moving during the course of race. Though it can move only inch by inch, it kept moving and finally won the race. The hare, who is the loser, also had the confidence (little bit more) but it didn’t keep moving.
So this was happening in execution of most of our activities. Some people won’t start the task, thinking it will consume lot of time. But by devoting little amount of time and doing it little by little, the task can be completed at some point of time.

So “keep dreaming, keep moving and keep believing“, is the moral of this story in another perspective. And very well you can educate your kids this story with this perspective.


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