I to(o) God

I was happy since I’m not aware that I don’t know about many things. One day someone asked me what is 1 + 1? As I don’t know the answer, they called me ignorant. Then I found out the answer for 1 + 1, and I became knowledgeable. That created the curiosity within me, then I learnt how to perform the addition operation for any numbers. There upon I became intelligent. Then I derived how to multiply the numbers using the addition operation. Any everybody said that I’m a genius. Some time later I realized the importance of knowing what is 1 + 1 and generalized the things that there exists an incremental pattern in the nature. Thereby I attained the wisdom. Then someone asked me what 1 – 1? That reminisced me the same cycle. I thought it is not going to stop. Then there came the enlightenment within me and there after I was not bothered about any questions. I was silent like the stone in the temple and then everybody called me the ‘God’.

“Knowledge is process of adding and wisdom is process of removing”


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