Being Good vs Being Great

‘Don’t settle for good; be great’, ‘Don’t let being good stand in the way of being great!’, ‘The enemy of great is good’. Often the difference between being good and being great is measured in terms of success and quality improvement. But in reality the state of being great is not perceived as stated above.

Once there were two artists.  One is regarded as great artist and other as good artist. In most of the competitions, only the great artist succeeds and bags the prizes. Thence the good artist decided to work hard more and it finally paid-off. This time good artist won the prize. It was a surprise to everybody. When the good artist was interviewed, he said that it is a great moment and I’m really happy at-last.  And when the great artist interviewed, he said that I’m not worried about the failure. I always enjoy my work while doing it and me least cared about its results. The skill I got is gift; I just try to use it to its perfection and that gives me more pleasure.

Hence, it is the great person enjoys for long time in doing a task and not affect by the outcome of the task, whereas the good person enjoys only the success moments and attached to the outcome. So, what is the real difference between being good and being great? It is egoism attached with good. The simple equation is,
                         Good – Egoism = Great

Let me narrate an incident about egoism from Mahabharat. When Arjuna comes to know that Karnan is his own brother after killing him, shouts at Krishna, “O Krishna, you made to kill my own brother”, and starts crying, “I killed my own brother”. Then Krishna says, “Arjuna, stop crying. Karnan already been killed six times, by means of- Lord Indra deceived Karnan and got his body-armor; Rishi Parashurama cursed that he will forget the usage of Bhramastra; Kunti gets the wish of using naga-astram only once against you; I pressed the chariot to save you from naga-astram; because the curse of killing a cow, Karnan’s chariots wheel got struck in the mud; and I received Karnan’s generosity deeds as alms. Finally, you hit a dead snake and crying that I killed…I killed. Stop this non-sense”. It is the ignorance of mind that leads to egoism like I do, I created, I completed, etc.

Eventually when a good person puts down its egoism, becomes a great person.
And the choice of being good or great is yours.


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