Wisdom Seeds

Mind is a field. It is ploughed by right action, it is watered day and night by right feeling, and it is nourished by the practice of proper breathing. The seed of wisdom is sown in the mind field. Then one should seek the company of the wise who are one’s own real well-wishers and who are pure and friendly. Then one should water the wisdom seed by means of hearing, reflecting on and contemplating the scriptures which bring about total inner emptiness. One should carefully cherish and nourish the seed by means of austerities, charity, etc.

When this seed begins to sprout, it should be further protected by peace and contentment. At the same time, one should guard it against the birds of desire, attachment to family, pride, greed, etc., with the help of contentment. With the broom of right and loving action the dirt of rajasic restlessness must be swept away, whereas the ignorance must be driven away by the light of right understanding. The lightning known as pride of wealth and the thunderstorm known as pursuit of pleasure strike the field and devastate it. These should be prevented with the trident of compassion, austerity, and self-control.

If it is thus protected, this seed grows into wisdom. With it the entire field of mind shines beautifully. Finally grows into a tree. Then it is not easily swayed even if it is shaken by the monkeys known as attraction and aversion. Then there arise in it the branches known as pure knowledge which reaches out far and wide. Clarity of vision, truthfulness, courage, unclouded understanding, equanimity, peace, friendliness, compassion, fame, etc.., are its other branches that arise when one is fully associated with the truth.

Source : Yoga Vasishtha (VI.2:44)


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