Layers of Love

People find hard to explain the definition for love. The reason is everyone perceives love at different level. This musing elucidates the definition of love by modeling it as the layers of love (this is closely associated with post – ‘DNA of Love’).  So, a person experiences love at three levels/layers and I name it as 3B’s (for easy remembrance) – Bodily, Behavioral, and Brahman.

Bodily Layer: In this layer the love is experienced due to mind’s direct perception of external appearance of the perceived person. This experience happens based on its external structure and other factors. Mind kindles the notion of love based on the existing impressions. For example, we stamp a person based on his/her community and our emotions are driven by that factor. In this state, mostly love is driven by our bodily senses. The main feature of this state is ‘discrimination’. We discriminate others based on their external appearance or by our inferential perception. Hence, if you mind-set exists as mentioned above, implies you are in this state.

Behavioral Layer: We slowly advance to this state by expressing our love towards a person based on his/her behavioral activities regardless of external appearance. Now the discrimination factor acts at others behavioral level. Your mind-set in this layer encompass these four sort of ideas – friendliness for people who are happy, compassion for the sorrowful people, rejoicing with great people, and indifference  to wicked persons. In short, you don’t hate anybody. You are in-between bodily and behavioral layer, in case the layers personalities are not fully matching.

Brahman Layer: This is the highest layer one can reach. The term ‘Brahman’ refers to the indivisible unit, indicating the love exists as pure, unselfish, and free form which manifest to form the above said layers. A mother enjoying the torture of bringing up the baby denotes the unselfish love; can be the nearest example for this layer. Why I say nearest is, in this case there is an attachment. The main feature of this layer is non-attachment. True love comes from freedom. With love there is no painful reaction and it only brings a reaction of bliss; if it does not, it is not love. You start experience this layer when see yourself in everybody. There is no discrimination towards other exists in your mind regardless of their action.

Therefore, love is the intense longing for association, the strong desire on the part of two to become one. The secret is to know that the various passions, feelings, and emotions in the human heart are not wrong in themselves; only they have to be controlled and reach the highest (Brahman) layer. There are only two factors, fear and egoism, keeps a person oscillating along these layers.

Locate yourself in the love layers.


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