Singing the Rhythm

This is continuation of ‘How an object makes object?’ We discussed the idea of forming the motion with center, but not on the way how the center transforms to motion at various levels and this is called as ‘patterns’; without telling about patterns makes the article incomplete.

Let me start with the first manifestation of motion which is nothing but sound. Just close your eyes and try to listen very closely (in a silent environment); you will hear a sound something like ‘hmm…’ sound. Try to listen at slow phase, you actually hear the sound ‘AUM’ (or ‘OM’), the sound of silence. The reason I’m telling this is that every object is made up of sound. Within each thing there is a symbolic representation of energy patterns that compose it. There is a vibration – an atom tries to move a unit space. Assume that people are tightly packed up in a room and everybody tries to move a unit space. The result is everybody will be just vibrating. But when this vibration manifests the rhythm, there arises the concept of pattern. We dance for a song, gesture our body while speaking, etc.., are response of vibratory patterns of sound, light, thoughts, etc., and the sound forms the basis of all. From the first cries of a new born child to the harmonious symphony, we are immersed in the vibratory pattern.

I just want to elucidate about patterns by describing its origin. Now let us focus on the design aspect. A pattern is a perpetual structure will describes the motion from center. Pattern implies order. We have quoted the design sutra, “With static, form the motion”. But there is an order to from the motion with static, which is pattern – like the small banyan seed (center) which encodes the pattern to form the big banyan tree (motion). Even our DNA sequences four letters A, C, G, T, with patterns which forms our characteristics. Hence the updated design sutra is “With static, form the rhythmic motion”.

Often patterns like architectural patterns, software design patterns, etc., are applied as well-established solutions to the problems. But just think it from the point of forming a new creative design; in this case pattern demonstrates the order. Earth rotation, cycles of moon, heart beatings, and any thing that undergoes changes in the universe have their rhythm (pattern) and the motion is nothing but singing their rhythm. Rhythm is a fundamental aspect of life, so just sing the rhythm.


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