I sing because I have a song

Once a sage was travelling in a village saw a worried man sitting under a tree. The sage inquired the reason for his worry. The man explained his financial problems which kept disturbed him day and night. Understating the situation, sage took a diamond from his knapsack and gave it to him. The man asked, “Is it for me?” The sage replied, “Yes, you can have it. I found this while wandering in a forest”. The man had no words to speak. He delighted and conveyed the thanks to the sage. As he was walking towards his home, he struck up with some thoughts and started to ponder on that for long time. After a while, he went back to the sage and returned the diamond. He then requested the sage, “Could you please give me the thing that made it possible for you to give this diamond away easily?” But the sage gave him a smile. The man demanded the sage what is his secret of happiness?
The sage revealed the secret, “From contentment, unsurpassed happiness is the gain”.

Happiness is always an interesting topic. Happiness lies in the mind. Basically it happens in two phase. First, happiness conceptualizes as an idea in the mind and then it becomes the state of mind. The idea is created in the mind based on the experience of pleasure, a positive flow in the body creating a harmony of mind. We create the idea like going to picnic, watching movies, playing games, etc., are the means of happiness. Then for that we get motivated and work hard to execute the idea and reach the state of mind which we call as the happy moment. Thus the same cycle repeats again, but most of the time happiness remains only in the idea state which makes people to feel that they are not happy in their life.

Happiness is a flow and it can be experienced through the feeling of contentment. Most of the people misunderstood the idea of contentment. For example few claim that they will be happy if their salary is x amount and some other claim with y amount. This is not real contentment. The contentment does not depend on the results which are variable entities. Contentment is an attribute of action. You should be happy because you are able to do that and not by measuring the happiness on the action’s results. A bird sings because it has a song and not because that someone will appreciate it. The ability to do is the contentment and doing that is the celebration. You can only feel the essence of contentment only by giving or sharing, not by taking.

Happiness is our natural state. The only obstacle that obstructs the flow of happiness (or the state of content mind) is the ego. Best example is when you were child it is easy to make you laugh, but now it requires some effort because the ego has evolved. The true happiness flows freely in the state of contentment without any ego.

(True) Happy-ness = Happiness – I

“When my house burned down I got an unobstructed view of the moon at night!” ~ Zen


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