Emptying the Cup

“That which moves, can’t be static. That which is static, can’t move. Can anything satisfy both the properties like a moving static?” the curious student questioned his philosophy teacher. The teacher did not get any spark to answer this question. Hence he requested another student who is standing along with him to answer this question. But that student said, “Sorry Sir, I am here though my mind was away brooding.” The reply enlightened the teacher and he said, “Ah! This is the answer. See, he is here but his mind is elsewhere. This satisfies both the property.”

The mind (brain) never gets tired like any other organ. The thoughts were always flowing in the mind. The thoughts form the character. Basically a thought is a percept and a group of thoughts forms the concept in the mind. Suppose someone scolds you as ‘pig’, then you get angry. But technically it is vibration produced in the air and reaches in your ear drum and those vibrations are translated to thoughts in your mind which depends on your preconceived thoughts. So you get a flash image of ‘pig’ and your ego assigns the equation, ‘I’ equal to ‘pig’. Thus the comprehension of this complete word-form is an attribute of mind and not of the sense of hearing. The ego is rigid and it shows a negative reaction. It is like throwing a ball against the wall. With rigid ego you can never build the right character.

Hence keep the ego flexible. Be formless, but still balanced like the water. The property of water is it always balanced. You pour water in the cup, it becomes the cup. You pour it into any container, it takes its shape. It is the state of mind you reach where your thoughts always flow in calmness. The core spirit of the techniques like Yoga, Kung-fu, Tai Chi, etc.., is this. You become like water, soft, free-flowing, and oneness with the environment but still powerful. Nothing is softer than water, yet it can overcome rock. It does not fight and anything that try to defeat it get defeated by itself.

The core idea is to live in present. Most of the time either we dig into the memories or constructing new memories (imagination) and missing the present moment. Being in the present does not make you happy rather you feel the calmness. To reach this state of mind is very difficult, but the answer always is practice. So, flow like water.


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