Lights of Consciousness

The true nature of self is like light. Like a lamp in whose light all actions take place and in which the lamp itself is not interested, similarly one lives like that and acts but is free from volition. Light expels the ignorance. What is ignorance? Ignorance is to believe the changing entity as a permanent one and giving importance to something which is not worth that important. The true seeker seeks for the truth and the true knowledge comes from discrimination.

The earlier articles shed lights on dispel of the ignorance. Only the content heart is ready for the enlightenment. The contentment can be achieved by sharing and giving which leads to true happiness [I sing because I have song]. The obstacles are always there in the journey of life which makes us worry. We need to stop worrying to progress further in this journey [How I stopped worrying and love to live]. But the way we progress is important. By building the right character we attain the illuminative state like the light [How big you are in this small word?].  So, how to travel this difficult path? Like the water finds its way to ocean through hard rocks [Emptying the cup]. Earth is the place to enjoy and make achievements, never the less the goal is ‘Know Thyself’ [Self].

In this auspicious occasion of Deepavali, let these thoughts expels the ignorance in our mind. Deepavali also know as ‘festival of lights’ where the word ‘Deep‘ means ‘light (of the truth)’, and ‘avali‘ means ‘a continuous line’. The core essence of Deepavali is to rejoice in the ‘Inner Light’, in particular the knowing of which outshines all darkness. These lights can only show the path, but it is you who have to walk. The choice is always yours.


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