Long time ago there was this village. The villagers were famous for their strong faith. There was a drought once, and it didn’t rain for months. So they all gathered at temple and prayed for rain. They strongly believed that it would rain if they prayed. It’s important to believe in what you pray, right? Like believing that God will make it rain. After a long prayer, everyone came out the temple. And then it rained just as they prayed. But among all the villagers at the temple there was only one child who had brought an umbrella. ‘… Since it’ll rain after we pray, I better bring an umbrella’, only one person thought this way. This is called the real faith.

We set our life on a secure track using our intelligence. Choose the school, choose the subjects, get good score, get into good college, get into good job, get married and have family, goes on… overall we always want to be secure. Though it is quite natural, the question is how we are running on this track, with faith or without faith?

Someone asked “What is the most wonderful thing in the world?” “Hope,” was the answer. This is the most wonderful thing. Day and nights we see people dying around us, and yet we think we shall not die; we never think that we shall die, or that we shall suffer. Each man thinks that success will be his, hoping against hope, against all odds, against all mathematical reasoning. Hope moves the life and the motivation is the drug which fuels it. Faith shows how you are moving in it. Any creation needs an intelligence entity, for your intelligence there is another super-intelligence behind it. Faith is all about trust in that super-intelligence. Going to temple, following a religion, etc., are all just eyewash when you really don’t have faith. You can claim that you have strong faith, but the real test of faith happens when you start worrying about anything. The moment you worry, the faith disappears from you.

Having faith is like holding water in your hand, just hold it. There is no use in writing about faith, or reading it, you just ponder on faith when you are worried, then you can understand it better.

Instead of wishing a happy new year, if you wish every year to be happy then just start practicing to have faith.


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