The word is ‘Love’

“HE is static, intelligent, perfect, and luminous. SHE is the energy holding the purity, action, and ignorance in equilibrium. HE cannot perceive himself. There was absolute silence. But self-luminous HE reflected on SHE, disturbing the equilibrium of SHE and a universe born out this action, echoing the first sound. SHE perceived the HE. SHE had the exquisite feeling called ‘Love’ and eventually become the symbol for that. Thus HE perceived himself in SHE. And then in the universe everything born out of Love and evolved with Love as the reason.”

Love is the center of everything. In human, the Love resides in heart which is the center of human life. Mind is not required to express or perceive Love. But the mind covers the heart with substance called Ego to provide a new definition of Love.


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