Areas of Life

Recalling the memories, dreaming or imaging, acquiring knowledge, and sleeping are the states of mind. At any moment, a person’s mind can be identified in any one of the state and its keep changing. Similarly, there are different areas in life where people keep swinging in and out during the entire life and exhibit different behavior throughout their life. These areas can be classified on a average basis in a simple way.

Fun Area

Reason    :  By nature.
Behavior : Being in the state of Happy and person is mostly in the state of laughing.
Period     : Age 0 – 8

Irregular Fun Area

Reason   : Education, Increase in the reasoning capability
Behavior: Undergoes the state of thinking before laughing.
Period    : Age 8 – 15

Purpose Area

Reason   : Parents, Society, Mirror Neurons in the brain, Survival Competition
Behavior: Working hard; Using the brain and physical body to achieve the purpose; Start spending less time in the fun area
Period    :  Age 15 – Till death

Empty Area

Reason   :  Confusion due to presence of Fun and Purpose area; Inability to stay in the Purpose area; Disinterest in doing anything;
Behavior:  Staying calm; Depression; Neutrality; Signs of anger, jealous, etc.
Period     : Age 17 – Till death

God’s Area

Reason   : Staying in the Empty area; Limitations of one’s capability in Purpose area
Behavior: Having faith in unknown entity; Visiting Temples; Trying to be good; Blame the unknown entity for the all the pain incurred; Trying to understand one’s self.
Period     :  Age 18 – After death

Relations  Area

Reason   : Lot of people exists on the earth.
Behavior: Happy, Sad, love, and lot of human emotions take place.
Period    : Age 16 – Till Death

Segregated Relation Area

Reason : Love; Marriage
Behavior: Happy, Sad, love, and lot of human emotions take place with limited people.
Period: Age 20 – Till Death

Hoarding Area

Reason   :  Insecurity feeling; Social responsibility; Greed;
Behavior: Keep accumulating the wealth beyond one’s need; Fun area starts shrinking; God’s and Empty area increases; Purpose area decreases.
Period   :  Age 25 – Till Health drains completely

Growth of Empty Area

Reason : Realization of 18-40-60 rule (The rule says that  When you’re 18, you worry about what everybody is thinking of you; when you’re 40, you don’t give a darn what anybody thinks of you; when you’re 60, you realize nobody’s been thinking about you at all.)
Period  : At some point of life

In the last days of life, only empty area exits


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