Imagination, Curiosity, and Respect

There was a thought by God, about the fusion of matter and energy to form the life. He wanted to do it safely and hence devised an elegant and complicated design for the idea of life. The design ensured that there will be controlled randomness among the life entities. With the everlasting echoing sound, the energy and the matter fused to flourish the life. The matter is a static and intelligent. The energy is dynamic and altering. Life began as the energy trapped inside the matter. For the energy, the matter has become the mirror to perceive itself. Thence energy started tacking the matter into complex arrangements to perceive the beauty. It evolved into various species over a long period of time. Each evolution step, the energy acquired the intelligence through the expression over the matter. With the billions of interconnections, energy assembled itself into a beautiful entity called as ‘brain’, residing in the sophisticated organism of the evolution tree.

The power of energy is infinite. But, being trapped inside the matter, its perception has limited to the inputs of the evolved sensory organs. However, in the process of self identification the energy expands itself through one of the sense using the brain and the process is called ‘Imagination’. Reality is the manifestation of the imagination. Imagination is all about the other alternatives of the God’s design.

Imagination plays a unique role in human being in shaping the reality. However the dreaming should not be mistaken as imagination. There is a subtle difference between imagination and dreaming. Dreaming happens when there is a desire and the imagination occurs when there is an insight. Imagination is the sparkle for the creativity. But what is the use of spark? Unless it finds an outlet to create the fire. It is the ‘Curiosity’ which takes it forward. Imagination is about thought of ‘Why not’ and the curiosity is the pursuit of the ‘Why not’.

Basically there are two types of joy: joy of consumption and joy of creation. The joy of consumption is to have a desire and then dream about it and pursue the desired thing. The joy of creation is to imagine it and pursue it and finally create it. You get the joy of consumption at the end and might be a big one. But the joy creation is a long and steady, sustaining with the curiosity level until the completion. Always the choice is yours.

Respect is the final component which along with curiosity transforms the imagination into the reality. Respect is not only the courteous feeling or behavior intended to please others. Respect is the conscious listening to the things around us and the feeling arise out that. Respect is about perceiving the oneness. Respect yourself. Do not put limit to yourself. You do it because you can. Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it because nobody else will.

Have Imagination, Curiosity, and Respect which defines the flow of life.


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